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Thursday, March 31, 2005

One funny but weired uni day

Well today was so funny in a strange way. I will just tell u what happened. I waked up late in the morning coz I was so sleepy last night so by mistake I set the alarm 2 ring at 7:55pm instead of 7:55am .After 5 minutes of trying 2 wake up and some thinking whether 2 go or not I just changed my cloths and was about 2 leave but I found out I am 15 minutes late the professor will not allow me 2 enter class and I didn’t feel like going specially that after this lecture I have 2 hours break and then another silly lecture . So I just backed off and called my friend and told her I am not going 2 university 2day she said: no come I will tell him your on the way and u just invent something and he will let u enter class don’t be lazy and come .Ok I said and harried 2 university I entered late and he didn’t say anything.

The 1st lecture was over and I went out with my friends 4 the break the 1st hour of the break was over and my best friend had 2 leave with her bf and they r coming back later coz their lecture is at 2:00 but mine is at 12:00 so I had 2 stay. I called my other friend and I went 2 a café (Spot) in front of the uni. I spent the next hour eating and chit chats then when it was about 2 be the time 4 the lecture 2 start I asked my friend if she want to attend the lecture she hesitated and said maybe not I don’t feel like attending I told her well 4 me I didn’t stay 2 hours doing nothing just 2 change my mind on the last sec. After some thinking she said lets go attend (we were a bit late btw). As we were leaving the place and I was about 2 open the door 2 exit when one waiter put his hand on the door trying 2 open it so I stopped but it was like I was about 2 bump into the glass door don’t ask me how (maybe coz it took him 4ever 2 remember he was trying 2 open the door):p

Anyways here comes the fun part that was the introduction lol  I went 2 my car it was between 2 so close cars my friend couldn’t enter from the door and stayed outside directing me to move the car out. Anyways I succeeded by moving the car from between the 2 cars but the problem was that there was another car in the back so close 2 my car so I was stuck lol  again and again all I did failed( we r more late on the lecture). Then suddenly a nice good-looking man came on his white horse and saved us lol (back 2 reality a man came and he was kind enough and moved the car well not easily but he was good lol  :P me and my friend just laughed at the situation lol we are 10 minutes late by now and we didn’t even consider not going we just went 2 the lecture knowing that this professor is good. I well I just knocked the door and entered to class and was surprised that the prof 4 the 1st time in his life he was a bit angry and he somehow was asking me why are you late ? well I didn’t say a word 4 a min and I guess I blushed knowing all the students are looking at how ridiculous I look and what I was expecting 2 enter a lecture 10 minutes late? then I suddenly gained all my courage back and said I am sorry 4 being late and smiled ( I don’t care what anyone thinks I have 2 enter this class I stayed 2 hours 4 it )then the prof allowed us 2 enter and said don’t repeat it again. I couldnt resist a laugh or maybe a smile while I was finding my place.

Anyways after 2 minutes of lectures about don’t come late again one guy sitting in front of my friend turned suddenly 2 her and asked her do u have a perfume ? She found it weired 4 a man 2 ask her do u have a perfume what will he do with a girls perfume and she smiled a big smile and the guy sitting beside her also laughed . Then suddenly the prof lost his mind and came quickly almost running to their seats and said go out 2 her and the one beside her. It was funny coz this prof can never look angry and he moves in a weired way and while he talks u can’t find one muscle (or part) not moving in his body. Back to the story they went out , many funny things happened in the lecture so as always we started the real lecture at 12:25 nearly after half the lecture was wasted not that I care well it has nthn 2 do with my major ( logic and scientific thinking) so y would I care ? anyways the lecture was over and I didn’t hear anything as usual he just talk very fast that I cant follow his Arabic and he is the kind that i personally concentrate on how he is moving more than wat he was saying coz 2 me IT DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE.

Lecture was over and we went outside I found my friend waiting 4 me or I thought so coz I have 2 take her home but the main reason was that she wanted 2 talk 2 the prof . I was in a hurry I wanted 2 go home 2 cook 4 my poor kids (I mean brothers +sister) and my father. But she had 2 talk 2 the prof and told me Mira plz come with me. So I had 2 go with her and the guy sitting beside her from the 3rd floor to the 8th floor 2 the professor’s office. Well we went 2 him they entered 2 the office I was standing outside hearing them telling him the story and the prof looked at me from time 2 time so I just moved a bit away from the door and then just move back again 2 c them lol. After they are done talking 2 him they came out but surprisingly the prof was calling me not with my name he just called me and asked y r u standing outside wat do u want? I said I was waiting 4 them sorry. He was smiling now and told me come inside I felt it’s weired but I just entered he was asking me do I teach u ( I found it even more weired do 2 the fact that he was angry with me an hour ago 4 entering late , and each lecture he ask me wats ur name? and wat do u study?then he asks me a question about the lecture but I never answered lol I was always lucky that someone else answer the question before I do ! good 4 me coz I don’t really listen 2 his lecture its not the kind that attract my attention ) anyways I entered his office alone this time my friend stayed out waiting 4 me and I answered the prof yes I am in ur lecture ?! He said sit down do u want 2 drink coffee tea or smthn he was smiling and happy I politely said no thx I have 2 go. Here my friend said plz professor don’t count me absent and I said plz prof its not a big deal he said no. Anyway I said ok bye he said ok bye and I left. As soon as I left the three of us burst into laughing.

We reached the parking and on the way 2 my car we were laughing at wat happened and the way the prof was acting. We heard a sound of a cat so we stopped and looked around trying 2 find it then we heard to guys in a car beside us telling us maybe we got a cat in the engine of the car?? We stayed and helped them take the cat out it was a lil cute cat she was afraid and shaking (who cares about food or lunch) after we felt the cat was safe we went 2 my car and my uni day was over lol . It was a nice day that I will never 4gt 

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Did u know???!!

Did you know that?
If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.
Did you know that?
Banging your head against a wall burns 150 calories an hour.
Did you know that?
The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue.
Did you know that?
Starfish don't have brains.
Did you know that?
Polar bears are left handed.
Did you know that?
That my mom left to Switzerland in the morning and left me with 3 kids(my brothers and sis) :p

Well u just did :p

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Men and woman/ Apples and grapes

Women are like apples on trees.

The best ones are at the top of the tree.

Most men don't want to reach for the good

ones because they are afraid of falling and

getting hurt. Instead, they just get the rotten

apples from the ground that aren't as good,

but easy....... So the apples at the top

think something is wrong with them,

when in reality, they're

amazing. They just have to wait for the

right man to come along, the one who's

brave enough to climb all the way

to the top of the tree.

And... Men are like a fine wine.

They start out as grapes, and it's

up to women to stomp the crap out of them

until they turn into something acceptable to have

dinner with.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Added to jordan planet

Well i dont exactly know how i was added 2 jordan planet but thanks Isam anyways 4 being so nice 2 add me and i am glad u did :)

Love ?

I read this comment on my blog about love from salahedin's experience .I just loved it and would like 2 share it :) if Salahedin doesnt mind ofcourse :)


I concur with what you have to say....I see this as a scenario where the mind and heart are not in harmony...

Well a little dig of history helps ;-) .....errr.....well I am talking about my own history.....

Over that last 18 months I had the good fortune of being rejected by a girl. Yeah....it does a great deal of good to have loved and being rejected than never to have loved.

Now on a deeper analysis (this is the mind) I tend to believe that we would not really have been happy after-all. Its not a case of crying "the grapes are sour" just that I see a lot of things in a different light. The "things" are not what I did not see before, just had a very strong sense of belief that "things" will change. This is a very distinct feature of love, it takes one to a make believe world where one tends to believe that changes will take place. I respect her decision (indecision I must say ;-) ) , but it was not really easy to give up on her either......but eventually I had to

As long as it lasts LOVE is a phenomenal feelings. This said, I am not sure if falling in love all over again and being rejected is worthwhile at all...on one hand I feels its worthwhile coz its about conquering our fears and I have tried, but on the otherhand it a bit hard on the heart......

Well at the end of the day, it is but a blessed state to have your heart and mind in harmony.

Mind as such is a faculty that breathes life into ur imagination and brings entities that do not exist into reality. You may have met better people in your life but the tinge of warmth, tickly feeling in the heart (so much that ur heart skips a beat or two) is something wonderfully special and you would cae no less when your heart leads you to an ecstatic state....

There are time when the heart holds a sway and times when the mind holds sway over us.

Well finally on a lighter note; How is it that we are able to differentiate the same sensory perception of touch, howz the touch of ur sweetheart (u know the oh-this-is-eternity feelin *drool*) different from ur mothers touch (ofkurz I love my mother)? I am sure u wud agree they are but the same sensory perception but different feelin, so who does all these? so its the heart and the mind together that creates the magic. come to think of it LIFE IS AWESOME.....ITS A CELEBRATION...

Grrrr....so much for a 4 line blog....LOL


Sunday, March 27, 2005

Me , myself and I

Inspired by subzero and everyone else :)

To be short, I am a simple person but unpredictable (u can say moody). Well naïve is a word that ppl usually use 2 describe me 2 a level that my friends feel they need 2 protect, warn and advise me (I am not sure y?). I am a crazy person and crazy driver as well that I had once 2 almost beg a policeman not 2 take my license coz I was moving almost double the road speed so he charged me 15JD’s only  ( Btw he had to check the license twice coz I don’t look like someone who can drive like Eman once mentioned).

I can be shy when I 1st meet someone but soon after we talk I get over that, but at 1st I am shy in a way u might think I am arrogant don’t ask me how it’s most ppl 1st impression about me??? But never continued believing that, coz I am so far from being arrogant, I may be moody and u can’t know wat I am thinking like I can be so sweet and so rude in the same conversation, but no one can say arrogant. It’s just that I don’t think b4 I talk (spontaneous) and I am so honest sometimes. I am a sensitive person who cries easily and mostly on silly things and I get mad as fast as u can light a flame but I have a good heart that can 4give easily 2 the level that sometimes ppl can use that .I admit I can act childish sometimes and my friends always tell me I do :p

As Roba said,she is lost,but i guess this word is created 2 describe me lol. I am not the kind that notice everything unless I need 2 , and I 4gt easily and I am always like remind me with this, remind me with that and my friends always complain r we ur reminder or wat? :p

I don’t trust ppl easily but they do 4 some reason and I have many close friends males and females( but i trust my instinct). I can’t keep my secrets on my friends 4 long,but I can keep their secrets for years. Its like I can be an open page sometimes and u can tell there is smthn wrong with me .

Finally this is me, I am not perfect, but at the end its how I am 

Maybe I 4got smthn so if u know me well u can add it lol :p

Friday, March 25, 2005


Well there are 2 contradicting proverbs that I found?!!
But after some thinking and looking beyond the lines, as my friend keeps on telling me, I discovered they don’t :)
So what do u think???!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

I just want me back!!!!

Hmmmmm i donno wats exactly wrong with me ? i am not me anymore? i am passing through a hard phase , i have lots of work 2 do. not sleeping 4 more than 4 hours a day, soooooooo tired ,sooooooo nervous and soooo stupid. So nervous and not in the mood i practically fight with everyone now on silly things, like the other day i had a big fight with one of my close friends and things doesnt seem 2 ever goin back 2 normal again even after i said i am sorry and i feel so unbelievably bad about it. Stupid ya stupid i just did some stupid mistakes in my project, like the other day i was designing the offices layout at 2am i started 2 make the WC layout i was thinking that i dont wanna increase the bathroom numbers i 'd rather have good sized WC section than having many small ones, i was sooooooooo stupid that i even 4got that there is woman WC and another one 4 men. Oh God i cant imagine anything more stupid :(
I just donno wat 2 say except nthn is goin my way. I am losing weight like crazy i am nearly invisible now , i almost work all day and when i am not working 4 sure i am fighting with someone about a silly thing. I just hate my new self and i want the sweet mira back and i just want 2 sleep.

Dedicated 2 my special friend will u ever believe i am sorry :(

Degas painting before rehearsal Posted by Hello

One of my favourate lyrics


"Where You Are"

There are times
I swear I know you're here
When I forget about my fears
Feeling you my dear
Watchin over me
And my hope seeks
What the future will bring
When you wrap me in your wings
And take me:


Where you are
Where you and I will breathe together
Once again
We'll be dancing in the moonlight
Just like we used to do
And you'll be smilin back at me
Only then will I be free
When I can be
Where you are

And I can see your face
Your kiss I still can taste
Not a memory erased
Oh, I see your star
Shining down on me
And I'd do anything
If I could just
Be right there:


Then I will be free
So take me where you are
Now baby there were times when selfishly
I'm wishing that you are here with me
So I can wipe the tears away from your eyes
And make you see
That every night while you are dreamin
I'm here to guard you from a far
And anytime I feel alone
I close my eyes and just be there:
Where you are
Where you and I can breathe together
(and we will breathe together baby)
Once again (oh, we'll be dancing in the moonlight)
We'll be dancin in the moonlight
Just like we used to be
And you'll be smilin back at me
(only then will I be free)
Then I will be free
Baby I still believe
Oh I've got to believe
I will touch you that sweet day
That you take me there Where you are
I still believe
Oh I've got to believe
I will touch you that sweet day
That you take me there
Where you are
Oh where you are
I've got to believe
I'll always be waiting here
That sweet day yeah
Only wanna be where you are
I still believe

Dedicated to the one and only :)

Monday, March 21, 2005

About me??!

------------------GENERAL INFO------------------
Starting Time: 6:51
NameOn Birth Certificate: Mira shnoudi
Nicknames: mirachka, mar, marmar, miro, miratiful, tiny tiny,purple,unknown.......
School: amman academy
Location : amman
Colour of eyes: brown 2 green
Hair colour: brown 2 black
Shoe Size : hehe 37
Height: 162
Brothers/Sisters: 1 sister and 2 brothers
You live with: my parents
------------------HAVE YOU EVER------------------
Missed school bcuz it was raining: maybe!

Put a body part on fire for amusement: nooo

Been in a car accident: Not really but scratches ya

Been hurt emotionally: yap !

Kept a secret from everyone: not 4 long i always tell a friend :)

Had an imaginary friend: hehe nooo

Cried during a Movie: yup always

Ever thought an animated character was hot: no
Been on stage: ya twice singing once playing the piano
Been sarcastic: maybe
shampoo: herbal essences

conditioner: herbal essences
colour: pink.black.blue,white and purple
summer/winter:both actually
Drinks : soft drinks,milkshake and the most imp teaaa.....
Song: alot but i am hearing "have u ever" Brandy at the moment
Ice Cream: snickers flavour
Subject: design lol is it a subject?

Chick Movie Star:,Catherine Zeta-Jones,Charlize Theron ,Jennifer Aniston,Cameron Diaz

Guy Star: mmm.....i dont know exactly more than one (brad pet, richard gear,tom cruies,antonio banderas,Keanu Reaves,Ben Affleck) wat i emembered at the moment lol:P

Tv show: friends
---------------RIGHT NOW------------------
wearing: jeans and t-shirt & a sweater
im feeling: bored
eating: nth
Drinking: nth but was drinking tea
Thinking about: alot of things ;)
home alone: nop ;)
------------------IN THE LAST 24 HRS------------------
cried: not really
met some1 new: yeah
cleaned your room: nop
drove a car: yeah
had fast food: nop
had an argument with some1: always :P

-------DO YOU BELIEVE IN------------------
yourself: yeah
santa claus: nop
tooth fairy : nop
angels: yeah
--------------FRIENDS AND LIFE------------------
do you have a soul mate : nop not yet
do you have a boy/friends or a girl/friend:nop
how long: --------
do u like any1: yup
Who have u known the longest of ur friends? rania
The shyest:well i am but i am not counted hehe
weirdest: hind
loudest: hind
who has seen you cry: who didnt may seem easier :P
when have u cried: i cant remember coz i cry easily
Whats the best feeling in the world? happiness & love i guess ;)
Worst feeling in the world: sorrow & grief.
---------------------------Girls 4 Guyz Answerz---------------------------
long or short hair: all but it depends
Six pack or muscular arms:six pack and a bit musclar ;) but also it depends( not really huge in all cases coz i am small in size lol)

Good or bad guy: good
hat or no hat: ahhhh also it depends
Ears pierced or not: NOOOOO

Tan or fair: hehehe it also depends but usually tan :)
Stubble or neatly shaved: dirty look
Rugged or sporty: sporty
Accent or not: !!!!!!!
Shy or outgoing: outgoing

-------------FOR GUYS TO FILL OUT ABOUT GIRLS -------------- lets leave this 4 u boys !
Painted nails or not:
Cute n' mysterious or wild n' crazy:
Dressy or casual:
Dark or blonde hair:
Dark or light eyes:
Hat or no hat:
Good or bad girl:
Intelligent or average:
Hair up or down:
Jewelry or none:
Tall or short:
Curly or straight hair:
Pants or dress:
Tan or fair:
Freckles or none:
Accent or Not:
Shy or outgoing:
-----------------FOR EVERYONE TO FILL OUT-----------------
s silver or gold: white gold (platinum)
diamond or pearl: diamond
sunset or sunrise: sunset
Have you ever broken/sprained/fractured a bone: no
Do you have any piercings?: yup ears
Rain , sun or snow?: rain
how is the weather right now ? not cold
do u like cookies ?: yup
what makes u happy ? mmm,being with my friends and family or desgining smthn i like
are you shy to ask some1 out ?: yes of course :P
What's the stupidest thing u've ever done?: wasting my time filling this :P ( i have a biggggggggggggg hw 2 do btw) but some fun will not hurt:p
time : 7:13
U can fill something like this 4 everyone 2 know u better :)
hehe btw sinan this is the opposite of one of ur posts :P i told u i just make sure my friends know wat i want them 2 hehe

Dedicated 2 all the readers:)

To my lovely mom

Less than 20 yrs ago with my 1st baby scream not only i was born but also my mom had the honor 2 be called a mother. A mother that filled so much space and planted love and care everywhere. I just wanna say I love u mummy and no one can be like u ;) i wish i will be half as good as u r :)

Dedicated 2 my mother and grandma's
father and grandpa's

Thank u all :) luv ya
Music mood: Everything i do i do it 4 u (brandy)

Btw i guess i am back 2 blogging i missed it :)

Saturday, March 19, 2005

What does mira mean?

MIRA (Omicron Ceti). Mira, its very name telling us that we should take strong notice, Mira "the amazing one," the word coming from the same root as "miracle," Mira the only proper-named star in the sky that for a time is too faint to be seen with the naked eye. Few of the stars in its resident constellation Cetus, the Whale, are prominent; only the Alpha and Beta stars are of the second magnitude. Mira itself was relegated by Johannes Bayer to be the "Omicron" (the 15th letter in the Greek alphabet) star. In 1572, Tycho Brahe studied a "new star" so bright that for a time it was visible in daylight. Not new at all, Tycho's star is now known to have been an old star that exploded and disappeared forever. Two dozen years later, David Fabricius thought he might have found another, though much fainter one, in Cetus. This star, however, returned, and has been doing so for over 400 years. Mira is the brightest of the red class M "long period variables," thousands of which are now known. Our star varies from about third magnitude (though sometimes it can reach second) way down to tenth, 40 or so times fainter than the human eye can see alone, and then back again over a 330 day period. As a result it is sometimes a part of its constellation, sometimes not. Mira, with a temperature just above 2000 degrees Kelvin, is one of the coolest stars in the sky. From its distance of 420 light years, we calculate an average luminosity (that includes invisible infrared radiation) 15,000 times that of the Sun. The star is approaching the last stages of its life. Long ago, the hydrogen fusion that powered its core ran out, and then the by- product of that fusion, helium, fused to carbon and oxygen, and now the helium has also run out. The result of these internal changes is a hugely distended, very luminous star that is double the size of the orbit of Mars. Hubble Space Telescope observations show that the star is so unstable that it is not even round. The light variations are caused by pulsation, changes in size that also affect the star's temperature. Mira's great size and instability promote a wind that will soon blow away its outer envelope, the inner nuclear burning portions condensing into a burnt-out "white dwarf," a tiny star the size of Earth, the rest of the star lost to interstellar space. These long period variables help enrich the interstellar gases, out of which new stars condense, with chemical elements formed in their nuclear cauldrons. Most of the carbon in the Universe seems to have come from them. Mira has a white dwarf companion to which all these events have already happened. Many billions of years from now, the same will happen to our Sun.
Origin: Latin, Spanish; Hebrew
Meaning: wonder; aim; light of God
Similar names: Myra, Mirila, Mirella, Mirelle, Mirielle, Myrilla

Well I am not sure y i blogged this i guess the main reason is that i am proud of my name :)

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

My last blog

I just wanted 2 try blogging and it was a nice experience but i feel i like reading more than blogging ,I AM NOT BORN 2 BLOG LIKE SOME BLOGGERS OUT THERE, and actually i dont really have the time 2 it now :)
So i wanna end up my blog with a question spinning in my mind
" If there is smthn that can make ur life both happiest and worst will u leave it or give it up??"

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

1 step left

Only one step is left 4 me 2 have my ADSL at home i guess i will have it 2mrw :D i am only waiting 4 my new username and password i already have the modem:) Life will be much easier now ;)

Saturday, March 05, 2005


Well I read many times in magazines about women body language that can helps men to analyze whether she is interested or not ??! But NEVER found the opposite that shows if men r interested or not which kept me wondering whether they have in the 1st place??! Yup they have, I just found out, and it caused me to laugh and remembered some article I read named “Body language speaks louder than words”.
Here are some that I would like 2 share so we girls can know as well :P

The approach:

If a man is interested, as he approaches you he will pull in his tummy, puff up his chest and stand taller. Then the preening begins...!
This will take the form of:
-Reaching for his throat and straightening his tie
-Smoothing his collar
-Brushing imaginary dust from his shoulder
-Rearranging his shirt, cufflinks or other clothing
-Smoothing his hair

Key signs to show he is interested:

Hooking his thumbs in his belt:
(When used with other men this means they are staking their territory and showing that they're not afraid).
Body positioning:
Body positioning is key, if he's interested he'll turn his body towards you. If you're standing or sitting in a group look at his feet, if one or both of them are pointing in your direction it's a good sign.
Holding your gaze:
Holding your gaze for even just a split second longer than necessary, combined with dilated pupils, means you're DEFINITELY in there. Women are excellent at using the intimate gaze - men are not and often don't even pick up on it when they're on the receiving end of one. A man's intimate gaze is generally very obvious.
The intimate gaze:
Look out for the eyes following the 'triangular formation':
- eye to eye
- then down to the mouth and chin
- down to the rest of the body
- and back up to the eyes again in a triangular formation.
Hands on hips:
Hands on hips is done to make him appear bigger and to show readiness for involvement!
If you're picking up positive signals you're now ready to progress to making the first move.

Well the previous words were just 2 tease someone out there 2 comment the way u Sinan commented so i can finally continue my point :) so thank u Sinan now u made my point easier 2 express. The main point of this blog is not listing ways that a boy can show a gurl he is interested as i said previously coz btw IT TAKES MORE THAN THAT. The point is 2 prove 2 u guys that its not true, as Sinan pointed in his comment :) that this post is not 100% right and at some points not even close.So guys dont take it 4 granted if a gurl laughed at a joke u said or smiled in ur face that she likes u or she has intentions 4 that maybe she is just being POLITE. Also it goes the opposite way she may like u but still shy 2 look in ur eyes. SO THE POINT IS THAT IT'S TRUE 2 A CERTAIN EXTENT. However i do agree with the title of my blog "BODY LANGUAGE SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS" coz it does sometimes for example a simple look deep in the eyes can say things beyond words ;). So now it became a matter of personal opinion which u can agree or disagree with :) But in the end its not a matter of a list i means more than that. So u guys treat gurls the way u like 2 be treated :P meaning understand gurls right if u expect 2 be understood right ;)
Btw Sinan i am looking 4rwd 2 hear ur opinion again being the 1st lucky guy 2 comment ;)

Dedicated to all girls out there ;)
Music mood : Almost here for Delta Goodrem feat. Brian Mcfadden

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Thx God


Prayer is a mighty weapon!
Prayer is a mighty tool!
It makes things happen.
To not do it, I'd be a fool.

You'll pray, if you care!
You'll pray, if you dare!
Your problems to share.
Your burdens to bare.

God is listening for you!
Are you talking to Him?
He delights to help you.
Are you trusting in Him?

You have not,
because you ask not.
Ask and believe,
Believe and receive!

Be patient and wait.
Don't give up in haste,
God is very great
And He is never late

Prayer makes hell quake.
Prayer makes Satan shake.
Go ahead and make God's day,
Go ahead and begin to pray!

Well 2day i went 2 take my blood test results everything was fine :) so i just wanted 2 thank God 4 everything he gave me :D.

Dedicated 2 me :P