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Monday, March 28, 2005

Love ?

I read this comment on my blog about love from salahedin's experience .I just loved it and would like 2 share it :) if Salahedin doesnt mind ofcourse :)


I concur with what you have to say....I see this as a scenario where the mind and heart are not in harmony...

Well a little dig of history helps ;-) .....errr.....well I am talking about my own history.....

Over that last 18 months I had the good fortune of being rejected by a girl. Yeah....it does a great deal of good to have loved and being rejected than never to have loved.

Now on a deeper analysis (this is the mind) I tend to believe that we would not really have been happy after-all. Its not a case of crying "the grapes are sour" just that I see a lot of things in a different light. The "things" are not what I did not see before, just had a very strong sense of belief that "things" will change. This is a very distinct feature of love, it takes one to a make believe world where one tends to believe that changes will take place. I respect her decision (indecision I must say ;-) ) , but it was not really easy to give up on her either......but eventually I had to

As long as it lasts LOVE is a phenomenal feelings. This said, I am not sure if falling in love all over again and being rejected is worthwhile at all...on one hand I feels its worthwhile coz its about conquering our fears and I have tried, but on the otherhand it a bit hard on the heart......

Well at the end of the day, it is but a blessed state to have your heart and mind in harmony.

Mind as such is a faculty that breathes life into ur imagination and brings entities that do not exist into reality. You may have met better people in your life but the tinge of warmth, tickly feeling in the heart (so much that ur heart skips a beat or two) is something wonderfully special and you would cae no less when your heart leads you to an ecstatic state....

There are time when the heart holds a sway and times when the mind holds sway over us.

Well finally on a lighter note; How is it that we are able to differentiate the same sensory perception of touch, howz the touch of ur sweetheart (u know the oh-this-is-eternity feelin *drool*) different from ur mothers touch (ofkurz I love my mother)? I am sure u wud agree they are but the same sensory perception but different feelin, so who does all these? so its the heart and the mind together that creates the magic. come to think of it LIFE IS AWESOME.....ITS A CELEBRATION...

Grrrr....so much for a 4 line blog....LOL



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