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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Worlds youngest mom

I just discovered that child sexual abuse is really expanding in ways more than i can imagine.Today i read a story which i found weird :S

A 5 years old mum ,she opened her eyes to the world finding herself a mother of a child while she is still one. I also discovered that there are also many similar stories of other kids giving birth at young age (under 12 years old), in most of the cases these kids were raped by a family member. I don't know how they have the courage and the heart to do such awful stuff?

I hope that one day we would have a better world

To find the whole story check this link

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back in time

Today for some reason I started to read my blog, it has been almost 3 years since I last wrote anything. I had some kind of inner peace after reading that last post which took me back years ago, to that day when I was excited about my career achievements as if I knew that one day will come and I will fulfil all my dreams. Who knew that the day I read that post again I will be a project manager climbing the steps of that same ladder!! In years to come I will have my own successful business hopefully, and look back at this post with the same enthusiasm as I have now.

I got married that is another major change in life maybe the best one, I am married to the man of my dreams a man who was always there for me and always raise me up to become better and better ,he encourage me to fulfil all my ambitions and dreams. To this man I say thank you for everything you did to make me the woman I am today.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

First step ?

For climbing every ladder there is always a first step , that's where I guess I am right now , two days ago I was informed that I became a senior architect :) I am surprised but happy about after 8 months of hard work my work is finally appreciated and I have more responsibilities now towards myself and my job. So wish me luck :)

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What does the word friend mean?

There is a difference between what the word friends used to mean to me 10 years ago and what it means to me now . I guess I passed once through a period that I used to think everyone around me who is good to me can be considered my friend. Was I naive to think that I have plenty of friends who cares for me ? Was it wrong to see a friend in every one of the people surrounding me? Where they real friends but the friendship faded ? Did it fade coz we didn't know how to keep the friendship or coz we where busy living to notice that the friendship was gone?

Today I am sitting behind my computer the film of my life passing in my mind and I am trying to count my true friends who passed through my life, my true friends who were there for me in good or bad, the ones who really deserve to be called friends, the ones I still have and where not drifted away by the wind of life and its troubles.To be surprised to find our that they are less than the fingers I have in one hand. And I am just so sorry this happened and wondering why?

Maybe when we were kids we knew what it means to be a friend to someone and we are not paying much attention to it as a grownups? Small things used to mean a lot now big things doesn't mean much? Maybe as grown ups we are more demanding and start expecting many things from our friends ? Maybe we need to act like friends before expecting others to act it? Maybe that's the ans to all my questions? Maybe I just need to go back in time and be a kid again to understand what it means to be true friend!!!!

Happy New Year everyone :) Hope this year will bring the best of luck and happiness to each and everyone of you .

Sunday, October 15, 2006

I am a big big Girl in a big big world

I am sitting behind my computer wondering where I stand in this world. To know where I stand I should define a point where I started. Did it start when I was a baby born with my first cry ? Or was it when I was learning my ABC's as a kid? I remember the times when I really used to work hard on myself in school. It wasn't easy for me to change my school . I remember my first marks when I entered the IGCSE stream it was almost zeros in all subjects, I used to go home crying to my mum telling her cant handle it anymore I am failing everything almost and she used to cheer me up and encourage me to study hard and tough me that believing in myself and setting a dream and wanting to achieve it is the first step to success . I listened to her I worked really hard and my zeros turned to good marks and I graduated with a 91.5 % . I still remember the nights I used to dream of a mathematical equation and wake up from the nightmare . At uni I used to stay awake for 2 or 3 days to continue my projects especially before the final juries but at the end I always one of the three projects in class. I also graduated with a good average :)

Now these days I have been working for 3 months nearly in a great company and my boss is really happy with my work . He thanked me the other day coz he liked my work it really felt good to hear his thankful words . And today he was telling a new employee how smart and good I am after introducing us although I met the girl before . I felt I wanted to fly from happiness when he was telling her about me and thanking me infront of her again .I guess I achieved myself again and I thank God for always helping me being the person I always dreamt of being .
I guess its as my mum told me once the road to success always start with believing in yourself and in God .

My dream is to be something and never to be just a name that once lived and died I wanna achieve myself . I don't wanna be a dot in the margin of an empty paper that no one can notice. And I will make my dreams come true with the help of God , coz at the end I am a big big girl in a big big world not any girl but an ambitious one with lots of dreams to fulfill.

Friday, September 15, 2006


I donno from where to start cause its been more than a month since I last blogged .I feel excited I am back once again , it really feels as if I am blogging for the first time many things to say but from where should I start. Well my work is very good I am having fun and I am learning too. My colleges are very friendly and sweet. Inaddition to a nice French boss Who always have a smile on his face :)

Why am I not blogging much anymore? Well I spend 8-10 hours using the computer at work so when I am back home I just cant see a computer infront of me so I prefer to do other stuff that I miss doing other stuff that doesn't require computer :P
Another reason is that even if I felt like working on computer after work my mum just gets worried about me. She is always like don't you get bored from the computer ? Aren't you worried about your eyes? Your back? So I just cant but turn off the computer and go sit with my family that I miss since I don't see any of them while I am at work .

Reyadet al sabah with Yazan and Maysoon (at work)

Chips competitions who eat them faster ( left -right Duha, Maysoon and Majed)

Chips competitions who eat them faster ( Duha, Mariam, 3abed and Majed)

Another thing these days is that I refreshed an old friendship with one of best friends Elssie :) we have been friends since I was one yrs old . And I am happy we are back as the old days no that we stopped but seeing each other for a while coz we were busy living :)

Me and elssie 18 yrs ago

Me and Elssie now :D :D

In my later posts I will post about my trip to Rum and Aqaba coz it was amazing :)

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Blogging from work

Well my first day at work is very good so far i dont have anything to do yet thats why i am blogging. The staff are nice i already know 3 of them .I guess i better leave you now amd will update you with the rest later on .