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Friday, September 15, 2006


I donno from where to start cause its been more than a month since I last blogged .I feel excited I am back once again , it really feels as if I am blogging for the first time many things to say but from where should I start. Well my work is very good I am having fun and I am learning too. My colleges are very friendly and sweet. Inaddition to a nice French boss Who always have a smile on his face :)

Why am I not blogging much anymore? Well I spend 8-10 hours using the computer at work so when I am back home I just cant see a computer infront of me so I prefer to do other stuff that I miss doing other stuff that doesn't require computer :P
Another reason is that even if I felt like working on computer after work my mum just gets worried about me. She is always like don't you get bored from the computer ? Aren't you worried about your eyes? Your back? So I just cant but turn off the computer and go sit with my family that I miss since I don't see any of them while I am at work .

Reyadet al sabah with Yazan and Maysoon (at work)

Chips competitions who eat them faster ( left -right Duha, Maysoon and Majed)

Chips competitions who eat them faster ( Duha, Mariam, 3abed and Majed)

Another thing these days is that I refreshed an old friendship with one of best friends Elssie :) we have been friends since I was one yrs old . And I am happy we are back as the old days no that we stopped but seeing each other for a while coz we were busy living :)

Me and elssie 18 yrs ago

Me and Elssie now :D :D

In my later posts I will post about my trip to Rum and Aqaba coz it was amazing :)

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