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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Happy Easter

To all of you bloggers and readers out there i wish you all a Happy easter with your family and friends :)
Check Samer's album for the Holy friday pics here

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Baby face

Oh...Pairah says:
when I saw u, I thought you with 7th Grade
Oh...Pairah says:
u`ve a baby face
........ says:
i would like 2 take it as a compliment
Oh...Pairah says:

This is a typical conversation , I just donno why people cant see me as 20 years old. They even usually ask me the typical question "Aya saf inti habebti " and i am always like " Ana bil jam3a ra7 at5araj hada il fasil" with a smile and a little strange feeling inside. I just donno whether its a good thing or a bad thing? I donno if I like it or not ? I just know its much better than when I was told once in my whole life that I look older than 20 yrs and it kept me wondering for 2 days why ? And that was the only time i felt looking younger doesn't hurt as much as it hurted when told i am older.
At the end of the day i like the way i am coz it makes me ME!!!!! The low voice, the childish acts like the hitting when i don't like something a person said or when i am joking(I even almost hitted my prof at uni once). Me forgetting stuff . Me being sensitive . Me being fde7a sometimes. Me laughing .Me crying . All these things makes me "Me", makes me "Mira" not anyone else.