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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Soul Mates

What does soul mates mean? Is it true? Do I have a soul mate out there? Have I ever met my soul mate?
All those questions are turning up through my mind lately, and no one till now, answered them. I searched over the net, and that's what I got but still it didn't answer my questions?

"The term Soul Mates means many things. These are soul that you have experienced with in past, paralle or future lifetimes. They can also be aspects of your soul experiencing at this time in another body. We are all have multidimensional beings - your soul having experiences, in many realities, at the same time. As we all evolve from the same source of consciousness creation - we could say that we are all souls mates in a manner of speaking.

Soul mates can have various types of relationships, which do not always include romantic love. We tend to think of our soul mate as The One who is there for us and to make us feel complete.

Soul mates can be close friends, co-workers, a teacher, anyone who influences your life one way or another. They play the emotional - spiritual - physical - and mental - games of third dimension with you.

Men often seek the goddess when searching for a mate - one who looks like the priestess - slim body, long flowing hair purity of soul - beauty and gentleness of creation that speaks to their soul of union with the female creational force. It is SHE who brings loves, guidance, compassion and reunion of your twin soul aspects."

What do you think?