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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

What does the word friend mean?

There is a difference between what the word friends used to mean to me 10 years ago and what it means to me now . I guess I passed once through a period that I used to think everyone around me who is good to me can be considered my friend. Was I naive to think that I have plenty of friends who cares for me ? Was it wrong to see a friend in every one of the people surrounding me? Where they real friends but the friendship faded ? Did it fade coz we didn't know how to keep the friendship or coz we where busy living to notice that the friendship was gone?

Today I am sitting behind my computer the film of my life passing in my mind and I am trying to count my true friends who passed through my life, my true friends who were there for me in good or bad, the ones who really deserve to be called friends, the ones I still have and where not drifted away by the wind of life and its troubles.To be surprised to find our that they are less than the fingers I have in one hand. And I am just so sorry this happened and wondering why?

Maybe when we were kids we knew what it means to be a friend to someone and we are not paying much attention to it as a grownups? Small things used to mean a lot now big things doesn't mean much? Maybe as grown ups we are more demanding and start expecting many things from our friends ? Maybe we need to act like friends before expecting others to act it? Maybe that's the ans to all my questions? Maybe I just need to go back in time and be a kid again to understand what it means to be true friend!!!!

Happy New Year everyone :) Hope this year will bring the best of luck and happiness to each and everyone of you .