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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My project (part 1 )

This is part of my university project actually a very small part of it. This project is about an "Islamic culture centre for youth" so automatically the style has to be islamic ( BTW its so hard).
I really miss blogging and checking blogs but i really dont have much time.
Just wanna ask you guys your opinion of the design and the colours. Especially the colours coz i am not sure if its better on beige or on green (second or third pic).
Btw as you can see the design is not complete and its not fully coloured as you can see some white areas .
Plz i would be really waiting for your comments and thx alot.
BTW zoom for details.
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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Help please

Please I need help in my graduation project report. I need to know some really good clubs around the world like dunes club in Amman or even better (interior wise)? Can anyone help me with names?
Thx a lot for your help

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Speechless in Amman

Everyone now know what happened yesterday. Its all over TV news , newspapers and internet especially through Jordan planet and other Jordanian bloggers. So first I would like to send my deepest condolences to all people in Jordan for the big loss and may God bless you all.

My blog readers know I usually dont talking about politics but what happened yesterday is so shameful.So shameful cause it is caused by Arabs. Arabs(Al ka3eda) tried to kill another Arab innocent people(Jordan citizens).Which leaves me speechless against all this.You Killers that don't understand what killing a soul means.What is your problem? What would you gain when you kill innocent people and even kids? I am sure if you have a hearts you wouldn't do what you did.You are blind people so wake up see and feel what you are doing?

I also would like to say that this explosion effected me and another graduates professionally, as we are taking several hotels ,clubs, libraries and other things as our graduation project to redesign and renovate. We need to take plans ,sections and pictures of these places, butnow after all what happened I can't blame any of the managers if they kicked us out if we asked them to take some pictures and may put us in jail if we asked for plans.

Btw one of my friends Omar is taking Radison Sas as his graduation project and i surely donno what he is goin to do now???

May God help us all and bless our Jordan.
Condolences to all people.

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Couldn't resist blogging this?

I couldn't resist tagging Dr ra3ed my university prof.
The 7 words he always says are:
1- Saketsho babati ( draw a sketch my sons in Iraqi)
2- Alla3nah(Damn)
3- Ya shaytanah ( you devil)
4- Yn3an shytanek ( Damn you devil)
5- Yslamo edeki babti ( thx to your hands my daughter) but when it comes to marks you see non of what he said.
6-Caritera matrex ( criteria matrix a diagram architectures need to draw and we are interior designers don't really need but we fail if we don't draw it to him)
7- Block diagram ( he says it right atleast :P)

Isn't he funny but he is crazy ?
Ya he is the one responsibe for me crying in one of the juries
and Yeah Dr. ra3ed Sucks sue me

Monday, November 07, 2005


Have been tagged by roba to answer this tag

Seven things I plan to do:
1- To have the chance to go masters.
2- To finish my graduation project beautifully.
3- To travel around the world or at least part of it.
4- To gain some weight and go to the gym.
5- Dance salsa again.
6- Professional Maya software although I stopped practicing since a long time
7- To sleep early today.

Seven things I can do:
1- Sleep Wednesday and Monday in the last lecture which end up at 4:30
2- Be creative
3- Cook and specially make sweets like Twix cake and brownies
4- Work and chat in the same time
5- Think about many things but not concentrating on any
6- Stay a whole night looking at the moon
7- Coordinate colors

Seven things I can't do:
1- Clean the house ( can't live without a maid)
2- Stay indoors for long
3- Memorize numbers and stuff
4- Can't be sane for long i have to do something crazy every while
5- Can't stop hitting people as a joke
6- Can't wake up late not even Fridays
7- Can't hide my anger

Seven things I say most often:
1- Badrobak hala2
2- Toz
3- Nevermind
4- I donno
5- Zh2et
6- Yeeeeee jad btehki
7- Dr ra3ed sucks

And i am tagging Fadi nunu, Nader , Abeer and tololy