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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Note to self (part2)

I have to stop being so sensitive or i will break like glass.
Dedicated to: Moi

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sinan's visit to Amman

First picture from left to right:Hind , Sinan, Me and Rania
Sinan i found no other words to say but thanks for coming, your always welcome in Jordan . Wish you all the luck

Second picture is a guy we met, when we were in blue fig, during sinan's visit. Do i have to tell you that he was playing with feet??? We cracked from laughing and sinan pictured him after we all agreed to. Very nice view indeed "sarcastic"

The second pic is : Taken from Hind's cam
Pictured by Sinan
Posted by Me
Commented by Rania soon :P

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Anti: Smoking

The objective of this add was to connect with young smokers in a way that wasn't preachy, that helped smokers find a reason to quit. If even one statement strikes a chord, positive or negative, that may bring smokers one step to quitting.
I simply loved those posters .
This post is dedicated to my dad who stopped smoking recently but he didn't leave the hubbly bubbly I hope he will soon :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Maya software

I will reach this level after some practice hopefully soon.

I have been working on maya software for less than a month now and thats the level i reached. I guess it's realistic in a way or another.By the way i am still learning the tools but this program is so powerful and very interesting to deal with. I have done other pics but still under construction.
For more pics click here
and here
I am a beginner but fell in love with the software already

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The fear

Wake up mira, 7abebti wake up!!! I opened my eyes on my moms voice waking me up? I was half asleep but remember she murmuring something about an earthquake, go dress and we are leaving the building .I gathered later that my brother, who is in Aqaba now, called my dad and told him that a top official called his son (my bothers friend) and told him to empty the building and that the military buildings are already evacuated cause there will be a strong earthquake coming from Aqaba to Amman.

My mom told my uncles who know many people in the government so they performed some phone calls some said don't worry others said there is a possibility. We were out by now we saw some cars in the street. Also we found out that the (the telephone number of the defa3 il madani is busy) and they closed Jordanian TV channels but still nothing was on the radio. Which got us confused and was considering how true is it especially that someone said that they are will train the kids how to evacuate schools.

We stayed out of the building from 2:55 am till 3:35 am after receiving a phone call from a top official telling us we fear an earthquake but not to the limit to evacuate the building although its a bit risky in Aqaba not here. So i called my brother to see the state there he said the waves are way high so he feared the waves so entered the building.

That's all i know and may God bless everyone here in Jordan.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

My graduation project

Since I didn't blog for a while now and I have good news so I told myself gurl blog it? I went to university today submitted my trainning papers and finally my proposal to take dunes club as my graduation project was accepted, after a small fight with the dean who thinks its way too good to be redesigned and I was arguing that only the landscape is good and I am sure I can do better interior wise ?
Yahoooo atleast this nightmare or deciding what to take as a final project is over? Don't worry I am not graduating this semster I have 14 criedt hours to finish this semester and 6 hours for graduation project left. I am so happy.
On second thoughts do you think the interior of dunes club is a challenge? Well I love challenges ?