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Part of MY world :)

Monday, May 22, 2006

Another year passed by

Another year passed by and in a couple of minutes i will be 21 years old officially. Inaddition to that after two weeks its my graduation jury. I just cant believe how fast time went? I still feel as if i am a freshman who just got to uni and donno much about the atmosphere. The first days where everyone is trying to know each other, to be able to fit into a group later. Well its a weird feeling i am feeling right now I donno wether to be happy that i am graduating or not ? its a big responsibility to be a working gurl at the age of 21 where i still feel i am a kid who wants to explore things around me and wants to enjoy fooling around. I guess i have to grow up now even if i dont want to , i just have to act like a grown up more often from now on. Well at the end i say i wish me a Happy birthday :) and plz wish me luck in my last jury ever inshalla :)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

In love with my project

I was working on my graduation project when I felt tired ,coz I am sick, I went to bed for a while. When I closed my eyes I couldn't help but imagining myself walking into the project with all the details, colors , furniture and everything. It felt so real and I was like wow I did all I created all that beauty? Then suddenly I felt I am in love with my project with every single detail. There is just this bond between me and the design I felt it reflects me all over the way. Each line and curve shows my sensitivity and each line just fit there to complete a big picture , the picture of my life. I really believe this project is part of me and PART OF MY WORLD (my blog name).

I wont spoil the project by posting pictures now. I would post them all later when its complete and fully rendered :)
Wish me luck