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Sunday, October 15, 2006

I am a big big Girl in a big big world

I am sitting behind my computer wondering where I stand in this world. To know where I stand I should define a point where I started. Did it start when I was a baby born with my first cry ? Or was it when I was learning my ABC's as a kid? I remember the times when I really used to work hard on myself in school. It wasn't easy for me to change my school . I remember my first marks when I entered the IGCSE stream it was almost zeros in all subjects, I used to go home crying to my mum telling her cant handle it anymore I am failing everything almost and she used to cheer me up and encourage me to study hard and tough me that believing in myself and setting a dream and wanting to achieve it is the first step to success . I listened to her I worked really hard and my zeros turned to good marks and I graduated with a 91.5 % . I still remember the nights I used to dream of a mathematical equation and wake up from the nightmare . At uni I used to stay awake for 2 or 3 days to continue my projects especially before the final juries but at the end I always one of the three projects in class. I also graduated with a good average :)

Now these days I have been working for 3 months nearly in a great company and my boss is really happy with my work . He thanked me the other day coz he liked my work it really felt good to hear his thankful words . And today he was telling a new employee how smart and good I am after introducing us although I met the girl before . I felt I wanted to fly from happiness when he was telling her about me and thanking me infront of her again .I guess I achieved myself again and I thank God for always helping me being the person I always dreamt of being .
I guess its as my mum told me once the road to success always start with believing in yourself and in God .

My dream is to be something and never to be just a name that once lived and died I wanna achieve myself . I don't wanna be a dot in the margin of an empty paper that no one can notice. And I will make my dreams come true with the help of God , coz at the end I am a big big girl in a big big world not any girl but an ambitious one with lots of dreams to fulfill.