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Monday, August 15, 2005

A recent miracle of the Mother of God in Syria

I just love this story cause it is a reminder for people that God is watching :)
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  • funny story a ..what's more funny is how ppl can invent story which they think other would read and belive ..!

    By Blogger no one, at 8/17/2005 4:43 AM  

  • It is a true story i can asure you that :)

    By Blogger M!R@CHK@, at 8/17/2005 8:41 AM  

  • it's not honey.. even if u were christian ... u shouldn't belive it..

    sorry minik

    By Blogger no one, at 8/17/2005 11:00 AM  

  • I do believe it and its one of billion stories :) You dont have to believe it , it your right not to but that doesn't mean i have to stop believing in it :)

    By Blogger M!R@CHK@, at 8/18/2005 1:32 AM  

  • ya mira it's not about beliving and not beliving or about christianiy or islam ...it's about respecting ur mind and respecting mine ..

    did u hear the latest story about the gril from oman who turned into a weired creature when she swore on the quraan??? wasn't a stupid funny story also?

    i won't go any further as it is a sensitive issue

    but i hope u read such stories with ur brain

    By Blogger no one, at 8/18/2005 3:09 AM  

  • Nevermind :)

    By Blogger M!R@CHK@, at 8/18/2005 5:42 AM  

  • Hey Mira,
    u are invited to my party!
    ok? i count with u.

    By Blogger Tutti, at 8/19/2005 11:18 AM  

  • Hey Mira,
    u are invited to my party!
    ok? i count with u.

    By Blogger Tutti, at 8/19/2005 11:18 AM  

  • Thx milla but what party? and happy birthday :)

    By Blogger M!R@CHK@, at 8/20/2005 1:27 AM  

  • Hmmm, we heard this story here in Damascus but always someone heard that someone else heard it! Nobody ever met with somebody who ACTUALLY witnessed any facts! Not to mention that the Syrian version of this story says that they did not beheaded the guy, they killed him, or thought they had, and later on he was rescued!

    I do not believe in miracles.... There are no such a thing!

    You said that God is there and watching...well, I'm a believer and I would agree with you....but why is He being selective? Thousands of people die everyday in the world, millions are sterile...why He didn't step to help? why he helps some people and let others suffer? According to this story teller (a Christian origins) God helped a non Christians, while He let thousands and millions of true Christians believers suffer and die!!...what's the point? is he interested in promoting to Christianity among non christians and does not give a heck about already-christians?

    I tell you what.....these stories are a made up by religionists to promote their religions..... The arab world is a fertile soil for such a thing!

    Faith needs no proof...believing in God does not need evidences.....cuz you either believe cuz you believe or you don't.... I won't believe in God just because a dude had his head attached back because he ate at some monastery or a mosque or a temple.....that proves nothing but the sole fact that we let religionists manipulate our brains! Actually they don't...they just do their part and we do the rest!... I believe in God for a whole set of different reasons!.....but not fairytales stories!

    If God still wanna use miracles to persuade people in believing in him..... can't he just come up with a miracle that turns all people into believers or make them beleivers?"! Isn't he able to do so? Can't he just send another prophet! He is God for God's sake!

    Yes, true, there are billions of these stories.....but having zillions of them, does not make em true or real!


    By Blogger Ihsan, at 8/24/2005 1:26 AM  

  • Ihsan come on they interviewed him on TV on many occasions and my grandma saw the interview. I will not argue with you about what you believe and what you don’t but I have something to say and I will say it.

    God is not being selective if want to think this way I will tell you something. There are thousands of good people living or lived once why did he choose Prophet Mohammad to be a prophet? Because he has a bigger plan and we humans have a small brain that can't understand nor digest God by many means. Why are some people rich and others poor? Because every person has his own job and God only ask him to give what he can afford (not talking about money).

    Why did he choose Muslim I don’t have the authority to say why but I can guess? This way it will not only get the attention or Christians but the whole world. And opposite of you this way it became "UNSELECTIVE".

    Hey man don’t judge other people cause only God has the power to judge it's up to you to believe or not but you can't judge other people by saying they lie or invent stories? And if they do, its there problem.

    I don't believe in God cause he made a miracle, Oh ya but trust me it’s a reminder "people I am watching". That’s his point because both Muslims and Christian believe in him? Again I repeat we are only parts or a master plan created by God and the human brain can't digest his reasons.

    I am not telling you to believe just saying "Be careful there is someone up there watching". That is the main reason of this post whether you believe in it or not.

    Thanks for the comment Ihsan :)

    By Blogger M!R@CHK@, at 8/24/2005 2:10 AM  

  • "A big plan", "too tiny brains"....I feel like a puppy.....and I'm not.... I and so all of us, have the power to make changes in the "plan"! While we cannot stop many misfortune events, but we do change a lot of things in our lives.....it's GOD wish, and it's shown by giving us the brains that you described as "small". They are not, however!

    Giving opinion on somebody's story is not judging at all..... it's a personal opinion bass la aktar wala a2al...

    Again.....God is there, I'm not arguing this cuz I'm a believer, but he does not need to demonstrate His existance by doing some "Hollywood" style actions! If he does, he can do a whole lot better than that...trust me ;)

    Yalla, bye for now :)

    By Blogger Ihsan, at 8/25/2005 12:44 AM  

  • ok Ihsan as long as you believe in God i don't have a problem coz the story wasn't my point :)

    By Blogger M!R@CHK@, at 8/26/2005 1:51 PM  

  • The essence of every religion is none other than "FAITH". We must ALL understand the meaning of faith and its power. For where there is lack of faith, there is blind and misguided direction in life, and degradation in respect for one's OWN religion. We ALL NOW understand that eventhough there exists many religions upon this earth, they ALL refer to ONE true GOD, regardless of difference in language, rituals and beliefs.

    When one refuses to believe in stories of "devine intervention" ( or miracles ) from other religions:
    1) one proves his/her disrespect and for other religions, and
    2) by showing lack of faith as such, and even go as far as denouncing the beliefs in other religions, one is also showing lack of faith in one's own religion.

    Remember that God is everywhere and everything, and has shown his presence to man in INFINITE ways to man for as long as he has walked on this Earth. So, believing in one religion, and denoucing or not believing in another religion is "IN ESSENCE" a contradiction !

    How can one believe in God in one way ....... and NOT believe in God in another way ?
    All religions speak of ONE TRUTH, ONE GOD, ONE PRESENCE. ALL religions speak of the same devine power .... GOD.

    Those having this sort of contradiction in the belief of GOD is evidence of lack of confidence or conflict within ( inside ) their very soul.

    This conflict must be dealt with in order to find the TRUE meaning and VALUE of life, before the soul is deemed to be lost.

    We must ALL learn that to have FAITH in GOD in essence means to have GOD within YOU.



    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12/12/2005 8:11 PM  

  • I couldn't read the story because the page does not open. However, regardless of this specific story is right or wrong, miracles DO exist.
    Miracles have existed throughout history, and I know one here in Lebanon that is true, absolutely true. It is about a woman who has be cured, suddenly, from a disease (maybe cancer).

    When Jesus was on earth He did miracles in front of people, and if this were incorrect, the Bible could not have been written, because many people would have denied the truth of the miracles.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/10/2007 8:29 AM  

  • There are proofs of the truth of the Bible. The Bible contains lots of prophecies about these days as well as previous days. The prophecies of the Bible prove that it was written not by ordinary people, but through the inspiration of God. There are many sites on the net that show the prophecies of the Bible.

    I have made an article about this. If anyone is interested in reading the prophecies of the Bible, which prove that it is written through the inspiration of God, please email me at micho_36@yahoo.com.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4/10/2007 8:34 AM  

  • Miracle do happen, who are we to question God ???
    Yes there are plenty of christians sick, dying and being killed why doesnt God do his thing and fix them?? well if he did this to every person that needed help would it be a miracle, no it wouldnt and if he did it would defeat the scriptures starting with Adam and Eve as we would not suffer
    For those that say why doesnt God do miracles with christians, well he does and I think the people that ask this are not Christians as all christians know how God works and will not question him
    If God helped every person that died or was sick would it then be a miracle no
    A miracle is something strange that we can not understand and no one can prove that it didnt happen, if this story wasnt true it would have been proven fake by now it really isnt that hard
    I read about this miracle yesterday when my husband was in hospital for major surgery , when it was handed to me along with other items including orthodox books, volunteers from the Greek orthdox church was visiting greeks who were in hospital and my husband was one of who had a visit, this had significant meaning to me as we are orthodox and our daughter has turned to Islam we preyed to God to bring her back and we truly believe God has told us by giving us this article that she will return to her faith , God does work in many ways and who are we to question him
    For all of you that dont believe in miracles I believe you actually do and that it scares you to think it has happened

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 10/06/2007 2:52 PM  

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