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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Shopping with Grandma

I am sure I will always remember this day for years to come. I spent the first half of the day with my grandma, we went shopping then she took me for lunch. I think today was one of the days that really means alot to me and I always have to remember it and act the way grandma acted with me. Grandma is a great person who loves me a lot. She is quite sensitive and a caring person who thinks of others before thinking of herself.

The second reason why I really like this day is that I was informed that I will start training from this Saturday with a great design company called “Nasir’s Architects” What happened to wood works is that I asked many people about them and they all said that they are good but they are more specialized with wood furniture. Well I donno I just felt more comfortable when meeting MR safwan the manager of Nasir’s architects. Wish me luck :)

Yaaaaaaaaaay I am starting training this Saturday no words can express how happy I am :D

Dedicated to my special grandma I love u so much teta :)


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