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Friday, March 24, 2006

Witchy witch

I was sitting with my friends trying to work on our graduation project design. Then suddenly my friend nis who went to drink water made a sign and told me to come , I was surprised why she called me ? When I reached her I looked where she is looking to find a beautiful tent in the dark and some lights are coming from under.well I went to check it it was empty nobody was there instead I found a side lamp inadittion to papers and crayons . I knew my sister and her friend made it from the first sec I set my eyes on the tent . But was surprised she is not inside??

I went upstairs and found her wearing this Halloween outfit . I couldn't help but to take some pics. Pictures that reminded me of the old days when i was a kid, and used to do the same things .
My witchy baby sister

My beggar sister and witchy friend


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