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Monday, October 31, 2005

When girls refer to guys ?

According to omar in his post "When guys refer to girls.." if a girl's face is not pretty unlike her body they call her "Butter". You can read the post for more details .
Now i am trying to find something to call guys back so please girls try to think with me ? I guess we have to for it to be fair!!! So please be creative ;) Thx

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Just a simple question?

As an interior designer i am just wondering. Would anyone feel comfortable in such bathroom? Coz interior wise i consider it cute :P

Thursday, October 20, 2005

World costy watches Vs. mine

Those two watches above cost very much but they are worth nothing to me compaired to my watch since its from a special friend :)

This post is dedicated to that friend ;)

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Moon in the sky of Amman

I saw the moon 5 mins ago in the sky of Amman and its not even dark yet. Really amazing view dont miss it. Enjoy .

Interior design in jordan?

Interior design in Jordan is growing and there are 100's of interior designers and i am seriously proud to be one of them, but the problem is that we are not under Jordan enginees association we are not part of it. Ok we are designers we are not enginees and if we dont fit there why not start our own association. I really think its our right, anyone agree with me ?

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

At MY Farm

last friday me and my friends went to my farm to enjoy the last days of summer. At first we were late cause we were waiting for ,SOMEONE YOU KNOW YOURSELF, to came half an hour late as usual with no excuse . Then we headed towards the farm late which made fadi a little upset ,he had a surprise for us but it didn't work out unfortunately.At the farm we stopped a little by the cars and rami was sitting over the car afraid from daisy (the farm dog) !!!!!! Well to be honest me, ran,rana and carol were afraid too. Although maria my lil sister was so happy playing with the dog ( daisy). We didnt leave the car until both dogs were tied somewhere.
We spent our time between playing basketball, football ,singing, swinging in the air and of course last but not least eating.
Check the pics i hope you guys enjoy.

Here Shadi 3al daf o rami il tabal and rania clapping and the rest were singing . I still didnt get my duetto with fadi !!!!

The whole group starting from the left rami, rania, rana , nader, fadi,carol, khaleel, maher and hind ( playing on fadi's guitar).
Missing mira( i was basawer) and tawfic ( donno what he was doin)

A closer pic of our favourate activity which is eating especially atayef with nutella.

The last pic shows the guys met7amseen while playing basketball.
Tawic the guy at the back wearing gray beshje3. ran being the only gurl in the pic was telling nader to give her the ball. Maher and shadi trying to block nader and be7yo il camera lol. Nader was about to throw the ball when i called them to stop and look at the cam. so manzarhom ta7sheesh but at the end who won the game only God knows :P

Music mood : fadil shaker , tedri leich
Dedicated to me and the whole group ;)

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

My family

My sister maria(on the left) where can i start ? After 11 years of nagging on my mom, God blessed me with my baby sister. I remember when i was a kid i used to have other intrests and there were no skooters at my time well maybe bicycle once a week in the farm . I feel old talking about my 9 yrs old sister .
Maria i love you so much sister .( The only part written by me, the rest iswritten by thaer)

From the left el ba3'el abu 6aweeleh and in the middle ra2ees al 3isabah abu 7asheesh and my brother on the right is the safa7 abu kosheh ....

My brother is 15 years old he is saye3 o 6'aye3 wage3 min parachute . bedros fee madraset el hamal 6ab3an frere min 3'eer so2al . mara kan elostaz gayeloh to sleep fa iga ostaz tany i3'taloh min wara 6'ahroo nizel 6'areb fee la 7ata da5al el mostashfa o intakal ela malakot al samawat allah yer7amoh .................................................... 3ad kan zalameh mo7taram

This is jordanian tom cruise which happens to be my brother maher, he is nawari as u can see from the pic and his hobby to take his pic with stupid sunglasses ........ he is one of sanafer el ordonieh ,,,, and take my advice dont be beside maher when he laugh coz he is one of his kind al monate3 hi2 hi2 hi2 hi2 hi2 forever ,,,,, u can see from the pic he has a big nose and like girls by the way he is hitting me now and its all written by the wage3 thaer.

I didnt put my parents coz 7aram walahi 7aram malakeen ykoon 3indhom heek mogrimeen.

Written by thaer mira's brother(abu koshe) .
I enjoyed this post for one reason we all participated in this meaningless and funny post. (hope you ENJOYED it)
Happy ramadan everyone.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Cross festival

Yesterday we were celebrating the Cross festival at church it was really amazing .This is how the church looked like.All the way was lit with bags and candles inside .

Fireworks in the sky i really love this pic

The fire we had.